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신장>5'4" - 5'6" [160cm- 170cm]
무게120 - 140 파운드 [55 - 63 킬로그램]
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I am so happy when you appreciated me and my job,I like to play with you how do u like,my mind is open I am submestive...
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I just feel the vibrations so intense!I love to get mega horny and Orgasm!
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DONT REQUEST FOR FREE, YOU NEED TO TIP FOR YOUR REQUEST-USE FROM MENU FOR A GOOD SHOW,BE HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU SEE FOR FREE,HAVE RESPECT TO DONT ASK FOR MORE IF YOU DONT TIP, IF YOU REALLY WANT TALK WITH ME YOU CAN TO TAKE ME IN PM OR IN A PVT, TY AND ENJOY! @ALL,a few quick reminders: 1.English are best when trying to communicate with me. 2.Explicit comments will get you muted unless in a tip note. 3.Anything ungentlemanly or crude will get muted regardless of your tipping. 4.Demands,disrespectful comments will be muted.
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First position
First position
I want to be the Queen of queens!
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The best tipped
The best tipped
I want to be the Queen of queens! Torture me ❤️ I'm good girl and very naughty girl and I want to make your dick hard! ❤️ Be my lucky man!
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Top girl
21. 8. 6.
hi, it says I can't pm you and doesn't allow to post in chat:(
21. 4. 12.
I hope to one day be the queen of queens, I also hope that all the members who enjoy your unique shows, will join my endeavor and will also contribute to your dream come true and you to be a happy woman because you deserve it!
21. 4. 8.
I decided to support you in everything you do to become the queen of this site, I hope to be helped by the other men who like you and to whom you did any show here and they wanted to!
21. 4. 8.
this girl is the best! I recommend guys!
21. 4. 7.
This girl are a worker the best,honest,simple with all member on Bongacams!
21. 2. 28.
the best